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We deploy our neural representation technology between your data ingestion and analytics pipeline

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We offer tips and advice on how to use our technology within your data engineering practices. We guarantee 100x compression while your data science/engineering team keep their exploration toolsets and engines. Some of our customers call us data virtualization platform and we like it!

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Same data, same power, only smaller

Ever wondered if you could compress your data but keep your SQL queries, visualization dashboards, analytics pipelines and science notebooks still working?

Unleashing the Power of Neural Networks for Data Compression: An In-depth Analysis

Mastering Contextual Learning: Enhancing Neural Network by Injecting Context in Training Loops

Navigating Data Boundaries with Neural Networks: A Dive into Interpolation and Extrapolation

Leveraging Neural Networks for GPU-Native Data Hosting: A Technological Leap

Transform Your Data Journey with Our Integrated Data Service

Supercharge Your Visualization Platform with Our Add-on Service

Fast. Quality. Safe.

Our technology will transform your data lake into a neural network representation. It is fast, high quality as if you had original data and it is hacker proof!
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We transform your data

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional services to our clients, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Join our growing list of happy clients today!

About Us
Compression gain

A groundbreaking neural network technology leveraging state-of-the-art architecture has achieved remarkable compression gains, revolutionizing data storage and processing.


The same technology has  the capability to handle and ingest terabytes of data, pushing the boundaries of data processing and analysis.

Query time

Data retrieval, surpassing the speed of modern databases byy leveraging advanced indexing and parallel processing.


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Powered by deep learning

We use the latest technologies in neural network, so you can be assured our system only gets better, faster and cheaper.

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